by Black Tower

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Released on cassette by Cut The Cord That... Records

CTCT 035 - 200 copies - Available - Price: 4,-€ / Wholesale: 2,90€


released April 10, 2013

Erin Ewing - Vocals / Guitar
Skottie Lobotomy - Vocals / Bass
Dave Monomania - Drums / Vocals / Additional Instrumentation

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Black Tower

Art / Layout by Erin Ewing



all rights reserved


Black Tower Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Dark Lord
In the shadows of the night
The darkest dreams of the night
His demons run through the night

Behold the Dark Lord
Ruler of the night

Cries, cries from this dark world
Hear the voices they scream to be saved from the
Lost, lost in these dark lands
Hear the voices they scream to be saved from the
Dark Lord's command

Break, break the chains that bind us to the night
The veil of darkness keeps us from the light
Track Name: Winter
The seasons change
The wind sweeps the plains
Swallowed by darkness
It's colder than death

Under the blackest sky
Ice grips the Earth and I
Don't know if I will survive
When ice grips the Earth

Under the snow
Our warm blood turns cold
Swallowed by darkness
It's colder than death

The winter sun
Lies low above the trees
In the darkness
Life begins to freeze
The freezing moon
Lies high above the hills
In the darkness
The frost begins to kill
Track Name: The Dragon Flies
In a dark dream
It came to me
I saw
The fires burn through the night

In a dark dream
It came to me
I saw
This Kingdom's lost for all of time

The fires burn tonight
The dragon wakes to flight
They know their last days are here
There's no magic to save them now
Track Name: Night Siege
Ten thousand men
Atop their steeds
The arrows pierce
And they bleed and they bleed

Usurpers of the throne
Their cups filled with blood
This Kingdom's people
They bleed and they bleed and they bleed

A siege at night
To take the Kingdom
Take our freedom

A war begins
The time has come
For blood to run

The sky is black and is lit on fire